How Canelo KO’d Kahn Last Night

Round 1: Alvarez invests exclusively in the jab to the body.  The purpose of this punch is to get Kahn to bring his elbows together tight.  If Kahn closes his elbows tight, Alvarez can loop body punches around his guard.  Kahn attacks the head; Alvarez attacks the body.


Round 2:  Alvarez continues to invest in jabs to the body but also adds in two feints — a feinted jab and a feinted left hook.  Kahn does not bite on the feints.

Round 2 (3)Round 2 (2)Round 2

Round 3:  Alvarez begins to jab the body followed by a looping right hook around Kahn’s elbow.  The right hand is aimed at Kahn’s ribs / upper hip / kidney area.  The purpose of this punch is to take away Kahn’s legs and movement.  Alvarez continues to mix in feints to the body and adds a feinted right hand.


Round 4:  Kahn starts biting on the feints and dropping his guard in order to protect his body.  Alvarez continues landing flush right hands to the body.


Round 5:  Alvarez mixes jabs to the body, feints, and slapping rights to the body.  Kahn’s ribs / upper hip / kidney area show bruising from the repeated damage.

Round 6:  Alvarez throws a jab to the body.  Kahn, expecting Alvarez to once again throw a slapping right hook to his side, drops both his hand to defend against the body attack.  This is the moment that Alvarez has been working towards all fight.  Alvarez instead throws an overhand right that lands flush across Kahn’s chin.  Kahn drops to the canvas out cold.

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