Winning VL-B Handwrap Review

Winning VL-B hand-wraps can be purchased from our online store:

Or in person at Boxing at the Depot in Greer, SC.

Winning’s VL-B hand wraps are a welcome option compared to most traditional reusable hand wraps. They mimic gauze fight wraps. The stretch is more pronounced than traditional reusable wraps which are generally cotton or a cotton polyester blend. The difference in stretch means that they must be wrapped less tightly. It is easier to cut off hand circulation if they are wrapped too tightly. They are extremely comfortable though. But they do offer a bit less protection from knuckle scrapes than a stiffer cotton wrap. Care and upkeep is more tedious than more traditional reusable wraps also. If you wash and dry Winning VL-B wraps they tend to shrink significantly width wise (don’t worry they stretch back out) and must be carefully rolled to make them easier to apply to the hand. In fact, after every use it is recommended, they be rolled to help them keep form and make them easier to apply. These are not a good starter wrap for novices. Generally, this would be a wrap to add into rotation of a larger collection of wraps. If you are looking for a multipurpose wrap you would be better served buying a stiff cheaper cotton wrap. Winning VL-B wraps are suited best for athletes who want a gauze like feel and are using higher end boxing gloves and have a rotation of multiple wraps they wear depending on their hand health. With that being said, they are one of the most comfortable wraps on the market and the only reusable wraps that successfully mimic gauze.

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