3 Tips for Snappier Punches

Boxers should strive to throw punches with snap.  A snappy punch is fast, painful, and effective.  Moreover, boxers can change the speed of snappy punches within combinations.  Punches with varying speed and power in combinations are difficult to defend against.  Here are 3 tips for transitioning from push punching to snap punching.


If you are tense, you are likely push punching.  Relax your hands.  Clinch a tight fist before impact.  Holding a tight fist all the time will make your punches slow, drain your energy, and eventually injure your elbow / triceps.


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Many new gym members neglect shadowboxing for the more “showy” exercises such as speed bag, heavy bag, or mitts.  However, it is almost impossible to develop snappy punches without regular shadowboxing.  A good rule of thumb is to shadowbox at least 3 rounds at the beginning of every boxing workout.

Maintain Balance

Mayweather on balance

In a boxing match, many punches are going to miss.  A push puncher will find themselves off-balance after missing (and get countered).  You can improve your balance and snap by doing footwork drills, punch shield, rope exercises, and paddles.

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  1. When you have obtained your bag, begin training on it. Use the tips outlined above about how to improve your technique, and practice them on the punching bag.

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