Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor Review

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We bought several Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor’s to hold down the double-end bags in our gym. At our previous location we had a wooden floor so we drilled floor anchors to hold down the double-end bags. This is the method I would recommend. But now having a cement floor in the bag area we didn’t want to drill floor anchors in as it would take too much time. So we decided on the Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor as a solution after experimenting with 45lb weight plates and finding they slid around too much and bungee cords couldn’t properly attach.

The Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor costs $25 and includes a PVC bladder that holds 45lbs of water, a shell with a zipper that the PVC bladder goes in, and a bungee cord. The following has been my experience with the product after several weeks of heavy use by customers in our gym:


The Good

  • Holds the double end bags mostly in place
  • The anchoring hook for the bungee cord has not failed
  • No leaking

good-hits   good

The Bad

  • One of the shell’s zippers ripped immediately and we had to fix it with duct tape
  • One of the bungee cords popped immediately
  • If you hit the bags too hard the whole anchor begins to slide

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Dealing with double-end bags in general is a headache. Bungee cords pop constantly and it is hard to get good tension. Solutions to these problems include using multiple bungee cords to hold down the bag and using a lot of duct tape to make sure everything stays connected and in place. So problems experienced with these bags and the Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor are not mutually exclusive. Despite being an excellent bag to train on it is hard to secure properly no matter what method you use to anchor it.

That being said I would still rate the Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor as a poor to fair product. It works and I can’t fault the bungee cord for popping as that is just the nature of dealing with double-end bags but to have a zipper fail immediately is bad. If the poor craftsmanship of the zippers were fixed it would be a decent product that performed well. Drilling a floor anchor is the best method of securing a double-end bag but using an Everlast Heavy Bag Anchor will work if you can’t drill an anchor and are prepared to make some adjustments with different bungee cords and duct tape.


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