General Questions

How do I get started?

All new members must undergo a one-time evaluation. The cost is $25. It will take approximately 30 minutes. A series of physical tests will be performed to gauge strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. A packet with emergency contact information, a waiver, and medical history questionnaire will also be filled out.  After that a training package may be chosen: (link to membership options)

To schedule an appointment please email:

I am beginner boxer with no experience what should I do?

All beginner boxers should begin with a personal training packet. The cost is 6 one-hour sessions for $180 or $30 an hour. This will allow us to teach you a base of boxing fundamentals so you can properly train if you choose to come to the open gym hours. From there you may continue with personal training sessions or transition to open gym hours.

How many times a week should I come for personal training sessions?

You may come every day if you wish but the optimal amount would be 1-3 sessions a week.

I am under 18 years old what are my training options?

If you are under 18 you may only do personal training sessions with a parent present to observe. Certain exceptions may be made for competition fighters under the age of 18.

I already have boxing experience or have competed in amateurs or professional boxing what are my options?

If you have previous boxing experience you may join the open gym hours. Under 18 years old with amateur experience may be allowed into the open gym hours at the discretion of the Coach. Open gym pricing may be found here: (link to membership options)

What is included in open gym hours?

Open gym hours are self-directed. You may use the gym facilities and if the Coach is free, he will work with you. The amount of time the Coach spends on boxers is relative to their time in the gym. The more you show up the more help you will receive.    

I want to compete what are the requirements?

You must show proficiency in clean boxing technique, understand the rules and scoring system, and have performed satisfactorily during sparring sessions. You may not compete untrained. An untrained individual may take anywhere from 8 months to 2 years of training before they are ready to compete in the amateurs. 

General gym rules

No profanity, drug use, gang affiliation, street fighting, or harassment of other gym goers. Please refrain from bringing entourages or “friends” to watch you train. You may ask the Coach if someone may visit but we do not want non-gym members hanging out disturbing the fighters training. A gym member may be asked to leave the gym at any time and have their membership revoked by the Coach if they are deemed a nuisance or affect the gym environment negatively.  

What is the training method?

All beginners start with learning footwork. After that base is established punches and defense are added. While these techniques are being taught advanced concepts such as range, set-ups, feints, angles, and ring generalship are woven in. After learning a sufficient level of technique beginners are then taught how to use the bags, ring, and various apparatuses. Fighters with experience are allowed a certain freedom to pursue their style if it falls within the rule set with the Coach offering advice and adjustments to their technique and strategy.

What equipment do I need to get started?

Boxing at the Depot is home to the only specialty boxing store in South Carolina. We carry professional grade boxing equipment unavailable anywhere else in the southeast. In our store you can purchase the essentials such hand wraps (we recommend 180″ to 200″ wraps for adults), boxing gloves (we carry a selection of gloves ranging in price from roughly $30 – $450 depending on the quality), boxing shoes (we are the only brick and mortar retailer of boxing shoes in the state), no fouls and groin protectors, and headgear (we carry USA boxing certified competition headgear as well as various sparring headgears). We also carry trunks and competition singlets as well as boxing lifestyle clothing brands. It is best to consult with the Coach if you have no prior experience and he will be able guide you in the right direction gear wise. 

When can I spar?

Sparring is set up by the Coach. Untrained fighters may not spar until they have sufficient technique. This usually requires a few months of practice. Fighters with experience may spar when they first join. IF YOU ARE UNTRAINED OR A STREET FIGHTER PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME ASKING TO SPAR.