Referee/Judge Workshop 2018

Hello Boxing Officials, Coaches and Friends of Amateur Boxing,

Good news! USA Boxing has approved the South Carolina LBC’s request to host a live Referee/Judge Workshop on Saturday July 28, 2018 from 9am to 5pm. Boxing at the Depot, located at 209 C Depot Street, Greer SC will be hosting the event. Workshop attendance is free. Breakfast pastries, lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided at no cost.

The R/J Workshop is mechanic and skill-based; it will shorten the learning curve of a beginning official by years and hone the skills of veteran officials to an even higher level. We wanted to give officials more options for recertification apart from the standard officials Power Point presentation, which is more rule-based. Anyone can attend this workshop: those wanting to become a Level I official, Level I officials who want to recertify or elevate to a Level II or, Level II’s who want to recertify. Tests will be given for recertification. Level III officials will not be able to recertify or retest at this workshop.

The R/J Workshop will be taught by Shawn Reese Chairman, R/J Commission. This seasoned official, has multiple years of national and international experience in and around the ring, and can pass along a multitude of knowledge and lessons learned along the way.

Shawn will cover any recent rule changes, help you better understand the scoring criteria, and how to best utilize them to score the bout. Once the judging portion of the workshop has been taught, the class will watch footage of different bouts, specifically chosen, to help provide cohesion at events. Officials will judge the rounds and discuss, and even critique the referees in those bouts. Within the referee portion of the R/J Workshop, Shawn will teach the specifics of the referees’ mechanics before, during, and after the bout. There will be time for discussion about different scenarios an official may encounter during a bout. These discussions will ensure officials will be better equipped to make the right decision when they encounter minor, major and flagrant fouls. Also, you will learn how verbal commands and command presence are used to control each and every round to ensure the rules of fair play are always enforced.

We will also have live boxers, in the ring, sparring, practical evaluation for referees and practical judging, in the gym. A full day of learning should be expected with the average time to teach the R/J Workshop being 6 hours according to attendance. This R/J Workshop will have an OCN# assigned and the instructor will take care of all of the necessary requests and transmittals. Officials will only need to fill out the CME form for elevation to Level II, located in the COO manual which is now online at under the tab for Officials. Please bring your BLUE officials passbook if you have one so that attendance at this clinic can be noted accordingly.

Please respond by email or text message if you plan to attend. Thank you!

Teresa Labar

SC Chief of Officals

843+670-3096 or

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