Fighter Roster

Boxing at the Depot Fighter Roster

martin raymond boxer

Martin Raymond

HEIGHT: 6 ft

WEIGHT: 165 lbs

AGE: 21

BIO: I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised by my diligent father, that worked many laborious jobs just to keep the whole family going. I am the youngest boy of 6 children. I come from a Nigerian and Caribbean background. I moved to Greenville, SC at the age of 12. From there I started playing football in high school and later entered university and received a scholarship from Limestone College. The summer after freshman year of college, at the age of 19 I walked into the boxing gym for the first time just to stay in shape, but little did I know would fall in love with the sport. I dedicate my boxing to my father, and all of my family members overseas. I give glory to my God who makes it all possible.

junius barnett boxer

Junious "Wolf" Barnett

HEIGHT: 5'11 ft

WEIGHT: 165 lbs

AGE: 17

BIO:  I was born January 4, 2003 in Greenwood, SC. I have lived with my grandma, who I call mom,  since I was one year old in Cross Hill, SC. I like to play video games, drawing, working in the fields, picking up rocks, loading trailers, chopping wood and planting trees. But my favorite activity is boxing. When I complete my boxing training I believe it will make me the best. My boxing goal is to become a professional fighter and leave a mark on the earth so that people will remember me. I want to give it my best and obtain victory.  Every time when I enter the ring to fight I know the time is now and there is no turning back. God has his hand on it so there is no turning back.